SIAM J. on Scientific Computing Vol. 15-1, January 1994

  1. A Family of Quasi-Minimal Residual Methods (Tong)

  2. A Nonlinear Variational Problem for Image Matching (Amit)

  3. A Novel Two-Grid Method for Semilinear Eliiptic Equations (Xu)

  4. A Reformulation of the Partial Least Squares Regression (Young)

  5. Error Bounds for Dynamic Responses in Forced Vibration (Cabos)

  6. Fast Adaptive Methods for the Free-Space Heat Equation (Strain)

  7. Fast Band-Toeplitz Preconditioners (Chan and Tang)

  8. Global Optimization Decomposition Methods (Gourdin et al.)

  9. Phase Field Computations (Caginalp and Socolovsky)

  10. Preconditioning Capacitance Matrix (Proskurowski and Vassilevski)

  11. Small-Sample Statistical Condition Estimates (Kenney and Laub)

  12. Some Remarks on A Multigrid Preconditioner (Xu and Qin)

  13. Stability of the Partitioned Inverse Method (Higham and Pothen)

  14. The Davidson Method (Crouzeix et al.)

  15. Three-Dimensional Adaptive Mesh Refinement (Bell et al.)

  16. Two-Level Local Refinement Preconditioners (Ewing et al.)